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All You Need To Know About The Historic Preservation Overlay Zone

You probably have heard of Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, meaning any construction or major remodeling in this area must be approved and permitted by the building and safety jurisdiction in your area.

Homeowners, architects, and contractors must follow the HPOZ codes and use qualified manufactures with capabilities to match the original design for your home.


What is an HPOZ?

HPOZ is a zoning tool that helps protect and preserve areas where significant structures that are architectural and historical. However, where would those places usually be? According to the city of Los Angeles, “A Historical Preservation Overlay Zone, or HPOZ, is an area of the city which is designated as containing structures, landscaping, natural features or sites having historical, architectural, cultural or aesthetic significance.”

How to designate and HPOZ to your area?

According to Los Angeles Conservancy, you will need a statement stating how the area has any historical context. You will also need a survey, an outline of the neighborhood’s historical, architectural, and cultural significance, and its contributions to the structures. However, non-contributing facilities would have to be fixed or demolished to keep to the period of energy. 

What areas are the zones located in Los Angeles? 


There are multiple locations in LA, such as:

  • Echo Park
  • Silverlake
  • Hancock Park
  • Highland Park
  • Lincoln Heights
  • University Park
  • Adams – Normandie
  • San Fernando Valley
    • Balboa Highlands
    • Van Nuys
    • Stone Hurst

There are various other locations other than LA that adhere to the HPOZ code!

  • Pasadena
  • San Marino

There are so many other places as well as these few that have listed.

The benefits of HPOZ:

  • An increase in property value will make you run to your city council and beg to apply for an HPOZ.
  • It allows the area to keep its original and charming aesthetic.
  • It has a ton of flexibility regarding permits since it must maintain its codes to be up to status with HPOZ.

Ventsam Sash and Door has completely many HPOZ projects, and we will continuously assist you in making sure you meet the HPOZ code requirements. 

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