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Barn Doors That Will Match Any Home

Barn doors will always be an essential and timeless piece that you’ll want in your home! Barn doors work with any aesthetic you have in mind – modern, retro, contemporary, and rustic. However, the real question is – will barn doors ever go out of style? We all know an average person doesn’t buy a new door every two months. With that being said, you need to pick the perfect barn door to fit in your home aesthetics!
Barn doors are versatile! Here’s how:

1. 9 Lite Panel Mahogany Door


These doors are perfect as an interior modern farm style door! The gorgeous and rich mahogany color would complement any kitchen style!

2. White Oak Barn Door 01

This gorgeous white oak barn door can work with one or two sliding doors, and it’ll brighten up an entire opening in the house! Since the doors are made of beautiful white oak wood, they can either be stained clear or a color of your choice!

 3. BD 02 White Oak Door

Ventsam Sash and Door

This door is perfect for any opening! Just imagine walking into your kitchen or bedroom, and you slide these white oak barn doors wide open, and you see the beautiful and organized walk-in closet/pantry door. 

Barn doors are growing in popularity rapidly in both remodeled and new homes. Ventsam Sash and Door will assist you in making sure you get exactly what you want, and if you have a specific door in mind and we don’t store it, then we will be able to custom make it for you!

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