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Steel Doors

Standard Features:
  • Solid Vertical Grain Douglas Fir stiles and rails standard
    • Additional species available
  • 1-¾” custom made Exterior doors and sidelites
    • Additional species available
  • 1-3/8” custom made Interior doors and sidelites
    • Additional species available
  • Exterior moulding included on Exterior doors
  • Exterior doors fully weather-stripped with Q-Lon and door shoes
  • Solid oak threshold on Exterior doors
  • 4-1/8” or 4-5/8” built up frame
    • Additional jamb sizes available
  • T-astragals and flush bolts on paired doors
  • Heavy duty polished brass hinges
    • Additional finishes available
  • Rollover latches on operable sidelites
  • Swing-In/Swing-Out or Fixed sidelites
  • Locksets and boring available
  • Units shipped with frames assembled; pre-fit doors with hinges applied are shipped loose
  • Custom lite and panel break-ups available
  • MDX panels on paint grade and solid wood panels on stain grade
  • Standard layout: 4” stiles and top rail on face (4-½” overall), 8-½” bottom rail on face (9” overall)
    • custom layouts available